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Digital Twin and Agriculture

Digital Twins (DT) are virtual representations of real-world systems, varying in complexity. They encompass digital versions of both living and non-living organisms, such as cells, plants, ecosystems, as well as inanimate objects like production chains and supply lines. 

DTs can be used to describe, analyze, and simulate processes by integrating data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning. They not only allow us to understand the current state of systems but also to predict their future more accurately. 

DTs have the potential to transform agricultural production systems and supply chains, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, food waste, and malnutrition. 

By simulating the state of physical systems, DTs can be queried using advanced modeling techniques to discover optimal behavior. Reinforcement Learning (RL), a subfield of AI that enables autonomous agents to make decisions in complex systems, can be deployed within DTs to advise optimal control strategies to the physical counterpart. The algorithm takes the current state of a system as input and predicts sequences of future actions that optimize system behavior. DTs allow stakeholders to simulate multiple control sequences to determine which aligns best with the control objective before implementing them in the physical system. 

Research at UptoEarth focuses on studying the interaction between humans and digital twins. This involves accessing the information contained within DTs to make decisions, both in general terms and specifically regarding ecology, biodiversity monitoring, and mitigating conflicts between humans and climate change. 

Change starts here.

UptoEarth Italia is capable of developing and testing models (Digital Twins) that facilitate continuous monitoring of the environmental context, translating environmental observations (data) into actionable information (intelligence) for site managers, policymakers, and the general public. Additionally, UptoEarth integrates knowledge of satellite technologies into the Digital Twin to offer highly innovative solutions capable of supporting the Agrifood sector in strategic and operational decision-making. 


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