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Uptoearth Italia secures funding for the economic valorization of its patent.

Uptoearth Italia, a leader in technological innovation in the agricultural sector, has obtained funding from Invitalia through Brevetti+ for its revolutionary project aimed at enhancing the patented device (CLAUS) “Motorized Device Equipped with Sensors for Agricultural Systems with Covered Terrain”. 

Brevetti+ is an initiative promoted by the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy and managed by Invitalia. It is an incentive for the economic valorization of patents, supporting innovative projects like that of Uptoearth Italia.  

The project focuses on enhancing the existing prototype for applications in vineyards within a period of 18 months, elevating it from a technological readiness level (TRL) of 3 to a more advanced TRL6. New functionalities not previously developed during the initial design phase will be implemented and tested. Field tests for the new device functionalities, including active dispensation for Lobesia Botrana control, will be conducted in collaboration with research institutes, universities, and agronomists.  

One of the company’s main objectives is to expand the solution to other crops. While initially designed for integration into vineyards with covered terrain, the patented device can also be tested on other crops such as tomatoes, peppers, and kiwis. The strategy also includes expanding to other geographical markets, identifying new vertical markets within the agricultural sector, and adapting the device to meet specific needs related to local agricultural productions. This approach aims to maximize the market potential of the IoT device.  

This funding represents a significant milestone for Uptoearth Italia, advancing its mission to revolutionize agricultural practices through innovative technological solutions. 

Claus - IOT Platform for Agriculture 4.0

Claus is a highly technological, patented, and motorized device. Its innovative cable system offers the perfect fusion between the versatility of a drone and the power of an IoT device. Claus is designed to operate autonomously in your vineyard, bringing vine monitoring within reach. Equipped with a wide range of sensors, it can navigate with agility in covered environments such as greenhouses, covered production structures, and agrovoltaic systems, as well as in otherwise inaccessible locations. 

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