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Agriculture 4.0 is the application of Industry 4.0 principles to the agrifood sector, involving the trend towards automation and interconnectedness of agricultural activities, as well as the broader supply chain involved in the production, promotion, distribution, and disposal of food products. 

The agricultural sector, thanks to its strong territorial diversification and wide variety and quality of productions, continues to represent an important part of our country’s economy. The FAO, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, has estimated that, in order to meet everyone’s demands, agriculture in 2050 will need to produce 60% more without depleting natural resources or further impacting the environment. 

The solution is smart agriculture, which, thanks to its numerous applications, will allow for a drastic reduction (up to 85%) in pesticide use, decrease waste and resource consumption, and increase the quality and quantity of crops. 

IoT sensors are an example of applying Industry 4.0 technologies to the agricultural sector and are a fundamental tool for optimizing and making current productions more efficient. An IoT device can measure important parameters indicating plant health and external conditions, sending the data to intelligent systems for processing through image processing algorithms and machine learning. 

our solution

Claus – Precision viticulture IoT platform

Claus is a highly technological, patented, and motorized device. Its innovative cable system offers the perfect fusion between the versatility of a drone and the power of an IoT device. Claus is designed to operate autonomously in your vineyard, bringing vine monitoring within reach. Equipped with a wide range of sensors, it can navigate with agility in covered environments such as greenhouses, covered production structures, and agrovoltaic systems, as well as in otherwise inaccessible locations. 

Change starts here.

UptoEarth Italy is able to provide the technological expertise for the design and prototyping of IoT devices for agriculture, integrating the acquired data with complex analysis and simulation systems, providing strategic and operational insights. The designed devices seamlessly integrate with internally designed and developed DSS software. UptoEarth holds the essential expertise for designing autonomous agricultural robots that can operate directly in the field, backed by a deep understanding of satellite and positioning technologies. 


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